Trade Show Tools

Upcoming Trade Shows - KYOCERA Precision ToolsBefore organizing a booth for a convention, there are a number of trade show tools that should always be on hand. Most of these should be installed within the booth area, while personnel can carry items like business cards and fliers around the width and breath of the show floor itself. Some tools may be more pertinent to certain company booths than others, but all should be considered by booth organizers before packing up to go.

The Essential List of Trade Show Tools

Aside from emergency supplies of duct tape, screwdrivers and band-aids (just in case the booth falls over), there are a number of tools that must be brought along in order to make sure the trade show experience is a valuable and effective one. Of course, colorful and informative advertising signs, stands and video presentations are incredibly important to capture the wandering eye and establish a unique company personality amidst the hustle and bustle of all other booths. Demonstrations and cross-section dioramas of how it works are also very effective trade show tools to introduce new customers to all the functions of each product.

Of course, when it comes to customer polling, it is important to install your booth with an on-site research system. The most popular types of these are kiosk survey systems that allow visitors to walk up and volunteer their information and opinions on a company’s products and services. Sometimes these kiosks include scanning systems capable of downloading valuable demographic information from visitor badges, just in case they are willing to offer this information in exchange for the chance to enter raffles or prize-winning drawings.

Other essential trade show tools include an overabundance of giveaways, demo CDs, taste tests and product literature. Because only an average of ten percent of the brochures and fliers actually finishes the journey back to a potential client’s office, overestimating how many items to bring is the smartest thing to do. It is better to send out too many handouts and increase this percentage rate than running out of them half way through the day.