How to Start Importing From China, Vietnam Import Opportunities Conclusion


Registering an account with DHL

DHL is one of the world’s largest courier service company with high network all over the world. The company has been operating for many years and known for efficient services which include: document, parcel and cargo delivery. Another reason I strongly recommend DHL is that like FEDEX, they deliver your goods to your office’s or shop’s doorsteps, pay customer charges and tax.

However, there are other delivery companies like APEX, UPS, EMS and FEDEX. Some of these delivery companies don’t deliver to your address, and even when you come to pick up your products you will have to confront custom official who also have offices right there.

Their charges are higher too, about 5% of the cost of goods. You may be tempted to falsify your price in other to pay less. But I encourage, better you don’t get into this kind of temptation as it is against business principles. DHL saves you these temptations, stress, but offer you the best and cheapest means to do that. Once you contact any DHL office in the city close to you, make enquiries and register an account with them. With your DHL account number DHL picks up product from any where in the world and delivers to your address, while you pay after delivery.

The goods are packaged by them before delivery for insurance cover. You also enjoy discount and benefits that are not accruable to an ordinary shipper.

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The goal of every importer is to make and increase sales of his goods. No matter how good, effective your goods are, if nobody buys it, it is as good as nothing.
To market your goods you must have strategies on how to generate customers. There are some I want to show you.

Before the technological revolution, the small retailer was limited to selling goods in a brick-and-mortar retail store in a strip mall, or at a swap meet. The more daring sold their merchandise through mail order catalogs. You can still make money using these approaches, but now, thanks to the internet, you have more options.

How about selling your imported merchandise on E-Bay? You’re Yahoo Store? On Craigslist? But don't forget about old-school approaches, how about selling thousands of your units using the late night television infomercial approach? Remember the old marketing adage; if you see the same, commercial play over and over again on TV, someone somewhere is making a ton of money!

Have you thought about making your own online retail store with shopping cart? These days you can get a full-fledged, secure E-commerce store with a powerful shopping cart capable of handling 1,000 or more items for as little as $30/ month! You can start with one site specializing in one category; let's say mobile phone accessories. Once you master it, you can duplicate that business model and open several more stores: Toys store, Portable Air Conditioners, Leather Bags… the list is endless! Now is a great time to start your importing venture.

The Chinese economy is rapidly morphing into a capitalistic model and the business climate for foreigners is as good as it has ever been.