Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ
What is the collaborative economy?
Collaborative consumption brings together all of the new forms of sharing, exchange, mutual aid and rental made possible by internet sites for connecting individuals.

Collaborative consumption is to privilege the use to the possession of a good.
The collaborative economy is revolutionizing the way we consume by promoting the values ​​of sharing and solidarity.

How is the data used to compare the sites?
The information entered in the comparator is the result of data collected on the sites based on the information entered by the latter.

The data collected for the comparator is intended to be modified if changes in the general conditions concerning the referenced sites take place. The modifications are made by Made in share (updated every 3 months) or, upon notification of the legal representative of the site or the mobile application.

What types of sites or mobile applications are listed on
We refer on this site only platforms or mobile applications which have a French geographical coverage and which put individuals in touch with each other. Thus, the sites for connecting individuals to professionals are not intended to be referenced.

In addition, people with the status of auto-entrepreneur are not considered as individuals.

Also accepted are sites or mobile applications connecting individuals to individuals who also accept professionals on their platform (eg le bon coin).

The referenced actors must present an operational service.

Finally, they should not be associations.

Why only select this type of actor?
Made in Share wants to help individuals regain power over their consumption by using the sharing economy.

The promotion of smart shopping and good deals are the strengths of our platform. This is why we choose to select only the sites that allow exchanges between individuals. Thus, the economy really benefits everyone without going through professionals.

In addition, we want to see this collaborative economy grow in France. In this concern, we choose to only promote professionals (and not associations) to allow them to have new users and to be always present in the landscape.

Made in Share being a startup, we are 200% for entrepreneurship. Hence this choice to only list companies.