Business Valuation

Why You Need Business Valuation Services

In today’s business climate, an astute businessman never makes a move without knowing all the facts. This is a given, whatever the field. But it’s not always so easy to come by all the facts. For entrepreneurs buying small-to-large businesses in particular, getting the information you need can be very difficult.

That’s why if you’re thinking of selling or acquiring a small-to-medium business, you might think about letting professionals do a business valuation for you. In just the same way you wouldn’t do a survey yourself on a house you were intending to buy (unless you’re a surveyor of course), why should you attempt a business valuation yourself when you can call in experts who can do the job more efficiently and in less time.

Don’t Take Chances

As you are aware, taking the right steps in business can really pay off down the road. What might seem like an unnecessary expense now can really pay off if it stops you making a move that could cost you a large part of your capital. However experienced you are, two heads are better than one.

It goes without saying that the larger your investment, the more carefully you need to proceed, but even with a relatively small investment, prudence is key. Expert business valuation services can make the difference between so-so profits and soaring profits! Yes, business valuation can pay for itself many times over.

De-stress Yourself

Then there’s the emotional value of efficient business valuation. Business today is more stressful than it has ever been. More and more entrepreneurs are falling prey to the effects of stress; high blood pressure and so on. Taking steps to ensure your investment can relieve you of a lot of the stress associated with business transactions. What price would you put on your health?

Today there’s no need for you to take unnecessary risks and expose yourself to stress. There are companies that specialize in assessing how much a business is worth in the real word. Leave this to the specialists and you leave yourself free for what you do best.

Experience Is Everything

When you choose a business valuation service, it makes sense to pick one that has plenty of experience and a good track record. Experience is everything in the world of business, and can really sort the men from the boys. Although many of the business valuation companies you’ll find today are relatively new, the origins of the business valuation concept actually date back to 1954.

It all began with the IRS, which went on to issue IRS Ruling No. 59-60 to address the issue of valuation of the stocks of closely held corporations. The approaches most commonly used to assess the value of a business are labeled Cost (cost of replacement), Market (sales of similar public companies), and Income (determination of future benefits).

Business Valuation Guidelines

This is a guideline that can help you decide if you’ve chosen the right business valuation company. If they are familiar with, and use the IRS guidelines, chances are they have a good understanding of business and will be in a position to give you a great business valuation on which to make your decision and plan your future.